L3T IT GO! DIARY BLOG. Better Help for ALL Models.

A safe space for your thoughts & your self. Be okay, as you are, so am I :):

The burst that comes after keeping things in, is not in your control. However, being able to talk it out, let it out & let it go is something you can control.

It’s also ok to not be ok. It’s ok to be lonely. It does suck. So for you & I, I have made this page. In this diary blog page at Modeluvin’ you can let go of anything you want to speak out & let it out of your system. & do not worry, your secrets & thought are safe with me. Any entries I receive are only seen by me, Modeluvr.333MandyB. 

Let it out, let it go, & let’s keep on Modelin’ in this life journey. 

When I speak & I'm not heard, it does not make my thought to speak go away. It gets bottled up, until it pops. 

I decided at a young age to keep a diary journal where I would constantly update with new life events. As long as it was written somewhere especially in my entrusted journal I would be able to control my emotions at that moment. 

We are all freaks. 
Rockin’ Modelin’ out